Hello! I am Pascal van der Moolen and I like to welcome you on my website. I am currently in the last year of the study ‘Business Economics’ at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. During my study, I increased my knowledge on a large scale with lots of financial subjects, Law, risk management, AO, statistics and an extra subject: the German Language. You can find some of my projects, courses and certificates on this website.

Besides my study, I am currently working at three different kind of companies. The first company is a recruiting company called Ambitious People Group. Ambitious People Group is a multinational located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England. I am working here on the Finance department. The second company I’m working for is Outdoor XL, a camping- and outdoorsport related company, were I’m already working for five and a half year as a Salesman. The last one is a Trust named The Castello Concort which is located in The Hague, were I will start during the month December 2016.

I’m someone who loves, besides going to college and working, to travel. Running and Bicycle racing is something I do very often.


Microsoft Excel

During my study ‘Business Economics’ and my internship at Ambitious People Group, my Excel-skills improved with enormous strides. I am currently in the process to sign in for several courses to improve my Excel-skills even further and to be able to receive a certificate on a professional level. All I can say is that Microsoft Excel is just made for me, I love working with it.

German language

Since high school I have affinity with the German language. This is also the reason for me to take extra classes in the second year of my study at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, for the whole year. Besides that, I signed in at the Goethe Institut to test my German language which is levelled at a B1 level on a certificate assigned by the Goethe Institut.

Solving problems

Solving problems is something I have always found interesting. I am analytical minded, which fits perfectly in finding and solving even the tiniest problems.


My perseverance is one of the skills I find most important. I never quit, no matter what kind of situation. This is in combination of being a team player very useful.


Goethe Institut

In 2015, I have done an examination for the German language at the Goethe Institut in Rotterdam at the B1 level. I succeeded this examination with the following grades:

Listening 80 / 100
Reading 83 / 100
Writing 73 / 100
Speaking 65 / 100

The Goethe Institut is an international market leader for German tuition. They offer classes, advise and external exams on levels from starter level A1 to the most difficult C2 level. The B1 level is explained by the Goethe Institut as followed:

“Passing the exam demonstrates that candidates can understand the main points of information in conversations and texts on familiar matters relating to work, school and leisure time, etc. when clear, standard language is used. Candidates can also deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in German-speaking countries. They can also express themselves simply and coherently when talking about familiar topics and areas of personal interest and can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and ambitions as well as make short statements to justify or explain their own views and plans.”


At the beginning of 2016 I followed, due the help of the Hogeschool Rotterdam, a masterclass about annual reports. I learned at PWC how to make or set up this year report and how to deal with frequent problems that can show up. You can find more information at the ‘PWC-project’.


Begin 2016 heb ik via de Hogeschool Rotterdam een masterclass mogen volgen op het gebied van jaarverslaggeving. Hier heb ik geleerd hoe ik een jaarverslag op moet stellen en wat eventuele valkuilen kunnen zijn. Meer hierover vindt u het “PWC-project”.


Before I could attend the masterclass at PWC, we had to make sure that our annual report would be rated at the best six. At the start of the project we received (fictive) company records of the year 2013 and we had to make the annual report for 2014 of organization called ‘De Steenfabriek’.

During this project we had to take account of holdings, in- and divestments, taxes, risk management and other parts. I can, happily, say that we finished this, surely biggest project I’ve had during my study, with a beautiful 8.4 out of 10.